Set up in May this year, Subversive Press is a news outlet based in Canterbury and London. We aim to champion the brave, celebrate important campaigns and projects globally, and empower those who can so easily be overlooked by the mainstream media. We want to give a platform to people who question the status quo articulately and powerfully, as well as support local heroes.

Our articles either aim to show what is wrong with our world in an attempt to change it, or display the daring lengths others in Canterbury and beyond have gone to in an attempt to do so. Everything from music to campaigning can change the way a person lives their life – which is why we cover a wide range of bases with reviews of art and music shows, political opinion pieces, and local news stories about the unsung heroes right under our noses.

Part of our wider mission is to make journalism more accessible to all who have a passion for it, so keep your eyes peeled for workshops in the future. If you are new to the industry but have something to say, please visit our submissions page!

We are currently working on the hard copy of our first edition, and 5000 newspapers should be distributed by the end of July. To reserve a free copy, email subversivenews@gmail.com

The Team:

Maya Esslemont – Editor/Political editor
Emily Magdij – Liberation editor
Chris Walker – Business editor
Hind Joucka – Foreign Affairs editor
Holly Stewart – Arts editor


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